Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vacation Packing

There was a time in my life when packing for a trip was easy. Toss a couple pair of jeans, tees, and skivvies into the carry-on and off I'd go.

Those were the days.

Now traveling brings about a whole new experience as I have to plan my packing well in advance of my trip. It also brings about a whole new list of things to forget. There are so many indispensable things one needs when traveling with hearing aids and cochlear implants. You can't leave home without them.

Batteries, of course are the most important. Face it, without those little things, I would be rendered pretty-near deaf and unable to function and enjoy my trip as intended. So I always carry a pack of disposable batteries with me. One each for my hearing aid and cochlear implant processor and spares for those "just-in-case" scenarios. I could easily pick up a pack of batteries for my hearing aid at the local Walgreen's if I needed to, but the cochlear implant takes a special battery that's not as easily found. I have panic attacks if my battery supply drops below a two-pack backup, so I always carry lots of batteries with me. It's an obsession, I know.

The spare parts kit --because even though I have never had anything break, Murphy's Law predicts that if anything were to break down, it would most certainly be when I am nowhere near my audiologist's office. Extra coil, coil cable, ear hook, battery holder, battery holder cover, magnet, even more spare batteries, cleaning tool, cleaning cloth, spare wax guards, backup processor -- all packed neatly in my hard-sided Cochlear brand carrying case.

And the accessories kit -- the portable Dry-n-Store for drying my processor each night, my Sonic Boom travel alarm clock with bed shaker, my battery charger, mini mic, phone clip, remote control, accessory cords, charging cords, and power cords. I finally broke down and purchased a make-up bag to carry these items.

And I must remember to tuck my cochlear implant identification card inside my travel papers with my driver's license or passport for the rare times my implant may set off the airport security alarms. I've had my head patted down several times since I got my CI.

Once these things are checked, rechecked, and triple checked, I can pack the rest of my things in the small space left in my carry-on bag... things that will never fit now.

...I need another bag.

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