Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Can Hear You in My Head

Many extraneous noises in my environment are cochlear implant cringe worthy. Cellophane is the worst, I think. Today, my husband was behind me at the breakfast bar in our kitchen. He opened a plastic candy bag and unwrapped an Andes Mint. Reflexively, I tried to cover my ear to block the excruciating sound of the crinkling, crackling plastic.

It didn't work. I don't hear with my ear anymore. Sound flows in the side of my head now, just behind my eye and a little to the left. I can feel it as much as I can hear it. It's different than before. The juxtaposition is odd and hard to describe to those who've never experienced it. It's akin to an alien mind probe, I imagine.

I can hear you in my head.
Wrap your mind around that!

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