Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Status Quo

Today I turned 53. It's my 2nd birthday since I lost my hearing.

I don't feel any different than yesterday. Certainly no different than being 52. Birthdays are just days that mark the day you were born, but the business of living isn't all that different from day to day - the present circumstances of life change slowly. Barely noticeable. Routine. Even mundane.

No different, that is, until something randomly and unexpectedly changes your status quo.

"Hmm," I said, mostly to myself as I reached up and ran my finger along the microphone of my hearing aid. "No wonder I can't hear anything. My battery's gone out. I don't seem to be getting the warning tones anymore."

"Or ---- maybe you're just not hearing them anymore," my daughter adds nonchalantly.

BAM. My status quo just changed again. I guess my new status quo is that my status quo is anything but status quo.

It had been such a nice day until then.

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