Saturday, October 11, 2014


There are times when I almost feel normal in my hearing life. This cochlear implant and hearing aid can be pretty good. And then there are times the sobering realization of just how bad my hearing has gotten slaps me across the face.

My head has been aching where the magnet pulls on my scalp as it connects my external parts to the internal parts. I'd hoped the ingrown hair the doctor removed last week would have taken care of the problem, but it's continued this week. I've been worried the headache might morph into one of those chronic migraines I've had in the past. They're hard to lick. Extra strength Tylenol and ice packs have helped. So last night, as I was watching TV, I decided to take a Tylenol and lay back in the recliner with an ice pack against the side of my head. I'd already retired my hearing aid to its dry box for the night. All I had was the little hearing I have left


My ears suck.

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