Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Cochlear Implantiversary

I cannot let this day end without taking a moment to mark this milestone date.

At this moment, one year ago, I was sleeping off the effects of four hours of anesthesia from my cochlear implant surgery. The surgery took a bit longer than expected, but otherwise, it was a mostly routine operation, according to my surgeon.

I awoke from the surgery groggy and nauseated, but the pain and dizziness were minimal. Nothing a few hours (or days) of sleep wouldn't resolve. I nuzzled up with my comfy chenille-covered travel pillow, fuzzy blankets, and pain medications in the upstairs recliner and slept in a semi-upright position until I felt well enough to move about more.

One year later, it's still quite vivid in my mind. It was that impressive. And it's been a year of pretty impressive events as I've learned to adjust and hear with my cochlear implant. It's not perfect, by any standard. But I continue to be amazed at the little and the big hearing accomplishments I have worked so hard to achieve. And I know there are many more milestones to come.

I can hear. Happy Cochlear Implantiversary to me.

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