Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Milestone to Mark

I see that while I have been away, my little blog has reached a milestone: over 10,000 views. I began this blog mostly for myself -- a way of "thinking out loud" as I dealt with my sudden deafness and severe hearing loss. It's been insightful. And cathartic. And enlightening. It helps me remember how devastating it was to me, and how oddly resilient life is.

We learn. We adapt. We change. We compromise. We survive. We live.

Tomorrow, I will mark another milestone -- it's the one year anniversary of my new hearing life. It's the day my cochlear implant was activated. I had waited for the day with bated breath and great anticipation of a hearing miracle that would give me my life back. It was a miracle; it didn't really give me anything back. It was always within me -- that resiliency to make do and move on. My mother would call it stubbornness.

Instead, activation day simply thrust me forward into a different way of living -- much the same in many ways, yet surrealistically different than before. It's not always a smooth road. But that's what makes it incredible.

It's my life. My crazy, curiously odd, hearing-loss/cochlear implant life.

Thanks for being a part of it.

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  1. For all of us who have suffered a sudden loss - we anticipate miracles - but the miracle is that we choose to live our life - no matter what the challenges!!