Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wireless Technolgy...Just WOW

I've been playing with my new wireless technology. My new Linx2 hearing aid and my Nucleus 6 cochlear implant processor have the ability to pair with my new wireless devices -- the TV streamer and the Mini Mic. 

Wow. Just wow.

I can stream sound from my TV directly to both ears. It is pretty amazing. To be able to hear again in what can only be described as "almost normal" is so wonderful that I sat up way too late the first night I used them -- basking in the awe and glory of sound. It brought tears to my eyes.

Then I used the mini mic at school. Wow. Again. It brought voices amazingly clear and close. It was a bit disturbing at first to hear my own voice so clearly too, but I got over it quickly as I relished being able to understand my students with ease I'd forgotten was possible.

Over the weekend, my hearing daughter helped me test the mini mic out in a restaurant, too. She walked across the floor, asking, "Can you hear me now?" until she reached the transmitter's limit. No one seemed to notice, or at least we didn't care if they did. We were having too much fun. The only thing we lacked was my ability to answer her beyond a shake of my head. It's not a walkie-talkie.

Hearing loss sucks. It really does. But technology helps to fill the gap. And that is pretty grand. 

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  1. Such fantastic news - we don't give enough credit to technology for how it can help the handicapped function in a more normal fashion.