Sunday, April 23, 2017


Satisfaction. That warm, comfy feeling of contentment and fulfillment that engulfs you when you see the results of your effort. Your endeavor. Your determination.

It's the realization that you've attained the outcome you desired. It's fruition.

And it's good.

Here is a link to the article recently published in the Oklahoma Education Association's member magazine that tells my story. My article commanded an impressive 3-page spread found on pages 8-10. I hope it reaches many people who will then look at their students a little differently from now on. And maybe a few more kids with hearing loss can be helped. How wonderful would that be?!

But then, you realize this is only the beginning. And your satisfaction turns to yearning again. There are still many things to do before your vision will come to full fruition... that day when every student is screened for hearing as readily as they are screened for vision. Or learning disabilities. Or behavioral and social issues. And teachers and parents begin to change mindsets and habits that ignore or perpetuate hearing loss in their students and children. And themselves.

Now that would be satisfaction.

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