Thursday, May 15, 2014

Damn You, Little Orange Sticker

While brushing my hair this evening before going to bed, I came across something shiny and sticky attached to my hair. In plain sight, it shone in the vanity light like the Star of Bethlehem. What on earth? Carefully reaching up to pull it off, I quickly realized it's one of those pesky orange stickers that I peel off my zinc air hearing aid batteries.

I've written about these little buggers before in this blog. They must be peeled away from the battery to activate them. They manage to make their way into the most innocuous places. They can be quite a nuisance.

Upon freeing my tresses of this sticky annoyance, I think to myself... I changed that battery this morning -- most certainly a full 16 hours ago! Did no one notice it? Not even one of my uber-observant first graders who look at me all day long?  Or did everyone politely ignore it and giggle to themselves about seeing yet another orange sticker in their silly teacher's hair?

Damn you, little orange hearing aid battery sticker.


  1. My hearing aid battery stickers are blue. One day last fall, I complained I had an ear ache in my right ear. The pain was deep in my ear canal. It would hurt then subside. I had my wife look in my ear. She saw nothing; just redness in the canal from irritation. The next morning, I put in my hearing aid. During the day, I had on and off pain. That night, I asked my wife to check again; nothing but redness. The next morning, I complained there is something in there! With a bright light from my smart phone, she saw blue deep in the canal. I went to my physician assistant. After several attempts with a slender forceps, she caught the blue sticker and gently extracted it from my ear canal. I have no idea how it got in there.

  2. I always take the blue sticker off and stick it directly to the back of the hearing aid battery packet, to ensure that it doesn't end up somewhere else! But yes, I've found them everywhere over the years (amazing, that adhesive on the tab). Think Gerald's story is the strangest I've heard tho! Glad you were OK in the end Gerald.