Saturday, May 17, 2014

While We're on the Topic...

...of hearing aid batteries --

I let myself run out of them. Can you believe it? As one who is completely dependent on this tiny piece of technology, one would think that I would be more judicious about making sure my stash was well stocked, right?

Apparently not. There are no half-used packs lying around on my nightstand, in my purse, or in my hearing aid case. Not one, single, lonely, and almost forgotten battery cell to be found anywhere! Nada. Zip. None.

And having put my only battery into the Dry-and-Store last night with my hearing aid, I awoke to find that sole remaining battery has vanished!

It's a mystery. It is not on the floor where I may have inadvertently dropped it before putting it to rest. It is not trapped in my bosom where things of lesser value have fallen. It is not under the bed, nor is it on the nightstand beside my bed. It is not here; it is not there. I cannot find it anywhere!

I am confounded. Was it mysteriously raptured in the night by an unknown and super-sneaky battery thief? Is it hiding beneath a cloak of invisibility and snickering at me whilst I search high and low? Self-combusted? Abducted by aliens?

It is a puzzlement.

Therefore,  I will don my cochlear implant in a few minutes and trek to the drugstore on this Saturday morning to purchase batteries once again. Two, three, maybe even four packs to replenish my stash. And I think I'll get a latte while I'm out. And maybe a donut, too. I deserve it.

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